Brent & Paul's Story


Stacy Houser was born in 1981, unknowingly with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, she was developmentally delayed, and she battled various respiratory illnesses and severe scoliosis during her life. In the 1980s and 1990s, resources, information, inclusion, and acceptance for people with disabilities was not as common as it is today. Our family sought to provide Stacy with the greatest quality of life possible and we know our family did the best we could. Unfortunately, we also know there are many children today facing a variety of challenges who are not so lucky. Creating a worthy organization that advocates for children and families seemed like the best way to turn grief into action.


We participated in many different events with Stacy throughout her life. Having the opportunity to meet and spend time with individuals with special needs greatly enhanced our lives. In Stacy’s memory, we could give back to the same community that gave our family so much. Although grief is what initiated this cause, personal knowledge and experience leads us to believe that individuals with unique needs can benefit greatly from an organization who appreciates the specific challenges they face. The journey to choose the right path on how to best help those with special needs has been challenging. But, we have incredible confidence in the people who support our mission. We have intelligent, experienced, caring, and motivated individuals who desire to make positive changes in our community. This is a cause that we will NEVER give up. Not only because of the toughness and loyalty we learned from Stacy but because of the great support network built from dedicated family and friends who are very passionate about this organization and improving our community.

“Life’s most urgent and persistent question is: what are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Steve's Story

I was very excited when Paul asked me to become part of STACY. Paul and his brother Brent both played football for me at Mira Loma High School and I would do anything to help them out. But, reasons for being involved in starting a nonprofit organization go much deeper. My oldest daughter Macy was born with cerebral palsy.


Macy is the most amazing person I have ever met. Macy has had to rely on other people to take care of her most basic needs. Sometimes you can tell that she needs something or is not feeling well but she can’t tell you what it is and it takes you a while to figure it out but when you do, she gets so excited and bursts out laughing.


People that work with her fall in love with her, she has the greatest smile and the most infectious laugh. I would do anything I can to make her life and children facing similar challenges lives more enjoyable.